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Allergy Life

How did I get here?

An allergy baby and mama
I have a mischevious baby girl, who is growing up far too quickly.

After many, many doctor visits and a total elimination diet we found out that our little one has multiple food allergies. The primary, and most severe, being peanuts and dairy (also called CMPA). Her other allergies include; kiwi, cherry, strawberry, coconut, beef, and soy. She has recently outgrown allergies to tomato and egg - which has made life so much easier!!

As she is so sensitive to dairy its something I have totally cut out of my diet (which has been amazing for losing my baby weight) and we don't have nuts or dairy in the house, which reduces a lot of stress with cross contamination and reducing the need for obsessive hoovering after every meal (how do babies zoom in on tiny specs on the floor that no-one else can see?).

I am certainly not the best cook, so having to cook so many meals from scratch has come as quite a challenge (and shock!). And presentation is not my bag, but hey ho - we are having a good ol'go!

We have busy lives balancing work, spending time together as a family, being outdoors, seeing friends and family, and of course eating! I haven't blogged befor so this is a novel experience.